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Their excesses both built and preserved America, and at the same time set the stage for the the modern American sensibility of political correctness and the rights of the individual - a direct reaction to the huge monopolistic trusts of that age. Rating details. Strouse provides a balanced view of the man, covering both his faults and virtues in a fair and objective manner. InMorgan again was called to aid the U. I was never able to get that sense from this book. Joseph P.

  • First Master of the Universe
  • Morgan American Financier by Jean Strouse
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  • Morgan: American Financier and millions of other books are available for .

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    I read several other biographies of J.P. Morgan, and thought I knew just about all I.

    images j&p morgan biography books

    The House of Morgan and millions of other books are available for instant access. view.

    First Master of the Universe

    Tracing the trajectory of J. P. Morgan's empire from its obscure beginnings in. “Chernow deftly mixes biography with economics and explicates arcane.

    Morgan American Financier by Jean Strouse

    History has remembered J. Pierpont Morgan as a complex and contradictory fig Now this magisterial biography, based extensively on new material, draws a This book's judgement of Pierpont Morgan is summed up on pages xiv and xv of the . JP Morgan coin the phrase, if you have to ask how much it will cost to.
    Refresh and try again.

    images j&p morgan biography books

    Pierpont Morgan's parents managed a style of parenting which was a fine balance of neglect and criticism, in turn he managed to entirely intimidate his own son, whose childhood preference for taking cover behind his mother's skirts perhaps made him into a faithful husband to a woman described as 'cold, roast Boston' by Pierpont Morgan, but he wasn't the businessman that his father and grandfather view spoiler [ the business had begun with the grandfather who moved from running a tavern into banking view spoiler [ I suppose the judicious provision of credit is the overlap point between the two hide spoiler ]the father, Junius Morgan then built the business into a banking house with partners in London and New York hide spoiler ] had been.

    In this effort the character of the men, and it was at that time a question of men, appointed to run companies was the only way in which Pierpont Morgan could be certain that they would be competently managed, and during the biography we see various people bumped off boards for lacking the necessary character - including Ambrose Burnside view spoiler [ an impressive hairstyle it seems may be sufficient to win you high command in the army, but more is required of a captain of industry hide spoiler ].

    Although he twice bailed out the U. Like many of the supremely wealthy men of his age he turned to collecting: paintings, sculptures, rare books and manuscripts. How can affluent societies offset economic inequality?

    images j&p morgan biography books

    As they sailed up and down the Hudson River, Morgan made it clear that the yacht would not return to port until they reached a compromise that fostered suitable competition.

    images j&p morgan biography books
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    Along with amassing immense wealth through the creation of such corporations as U.

    Following the death of Drexel that year, Pierpont again reorganized his company into J. Although he twice bailed out the U. The immense scope of Morgan's power came to light in the wake of the Panic of Magnificent individual. Learned a lot, liked the information. I'm glad I read this book, because I learned a lot about the United States in the late 's.

    Here is a book about his biography on amazon Morgan: American Financier: Jean Strouse: : Books.


    Morgan, in full John Pierpont Morgan, (born April 17,Hartford, Morgan was one of the greatest art and book collectors of his day, and he donated. Discover librarian-selected research resources on John Pierpont Morgan full- text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more. J. P. Morgan's ascent to power, however, was accompanied by dramatic financial battles. The House of Morgan: A Social Biography of the Masters of Money By Lewis.
    The firm soon became a major player in the steel industry by financing the formation of Federal Steel in Morgan became one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessmen in the world through his founding of private banks and industrial consolidation in the late s.

    May 22, Fritz rated it it was ok. She has also held f Jean Strouse born is an American biographer, cultural administrator, and critic. Their blossoming romance was jarred by her diagnosis of tuberculosis inand they quickly married and moved to Algiers with the hope of spurring a recovery.

    images j&p morgan biography books
    He lived above the common man all his life and was untouched by the way his machinations affected them.

    J.P. Morgan Life, Family & Philanthropy Biography

    However, Strouse spends more time on Morgan the Man than Morgan the Financier, and I am more interested in the latter, so I skimmed most of this book. It has taken me months to finish this academic book about one of the Robber Barons of the 20th century. To ask other readers questions about Morganplease sign up. Pierpont Morgan as a complex and contradictory figure, part robber baron and part patron saint. Feb 18, Kristina rated it really liked it.

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      He was a guy who didn't need much sleep, had a huge capacity for work, and a father who set the stage and trained him perfectly for the task. An outstanding example of the biographer's art.

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      Jean Strouse. The author debunks some myths about his personality and business activities, while not minimizing his difficult nature and need for control, both of the people close to him, and the U.